How To Get Rid Of Mosquitoes

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how to get rid of mosquitoes

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Below 15°C is too cold, above 30°C too hot for them, which is why in warm areas the ideal time for mosquitoes to begin their bloody binge is just after sundown. This also explains why in the mountains where the temperature is lower you will get bitten during the day.

If you really want to brave dining outside of a summer’s evening without any repellant lotion or a spacesuit at hand I would suggest leaving smoking mosquito coils at strategic points under the table. These coils contain pyrethrum which is a natural mosquito repellent made from dried chrysanthemum flower heads. Another idea is to light citronella

home made citronella oil torches

Home-made citronella oil torches
Photo by courtesy of Lisa Kayaks

oil torches which you plant into the ground around your table and guests. Citronella is another natural mosquito repellent.

How to reduce mosquitoes from the vicinity of your home

You will be scratching and slapping yourself more during the days following a storm. This is because the female will often lay her eggs just after the deluge in the water that is left lying in puddles and pools. From egg to adult it can take from just a few days to a couple of weeks depending on the atmospheric conditions and the species of mosquito. So one way of reducing their numbers around your house is by not leaving stagnant water lying anywhere in the vicinity because they can deposit eggs in an upturned dustbin lid, an old tire, and even in a tin can.

How to get rid of mosquitoes inside your home

The fastest way is to close the windows and press the spray button. You can also use a swat if you enjoy the evening exercise of bouncing around the room. But if you don’t like sleeping with chemical fallout tingling your nose or if you get tired of doing the pogo with an old sock, you can always use a vacuum cleaner. It’s true, I’ve tried it, it does a good clean job leaving the walls free from bloody splat marks. And it gives the added pleasure of satisfying the hunter in you with something to aim with. Someone ought to invent the Portable Telescopic Turbo Mosquito Aspirator!

What do you do to relieve the itchiness of mosquito bites?

What are mosquitoes for?

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