The story takes place on the backdrop of the early 1900s, a hundred years ago give or take a year. It was a time full of effervescence and amazing inventions in locomotion, photography and telecommunications, not unlike today with the digital revolution. A wave of DIY contraptions was spreading throughout the modern world. Many of these began in a garage to become household names like Renault, Ford, Rolls and Royce… in the same way the likes of Apple, Google, Facebook and Airbnb have sprung up from garages or small studio flats. It was an exciting period before the war hit Europe and spread across the world.

This is a fantasy novel with no dragons but dragonflies, neither are there wizards and fairy godmothers but a legendary tree and a gallfly. It will take you on an incredible adventure into a world that most of us have glimpsed at or scrutinized for hours on end squatting down or on our bellies in the grass. If you have ever spent hours doing that and wondered what it would be like to be an insect on the ground or a fly on the wall then this story will engross you. And if you like love triangles and period pieces and country houses in southern France, and horrifying creatures and monumental trees you will like it for those reasons too. But most of all it relates the coming of age of the characters.

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