Marcel is at a crossroads. He has been offered an apprenticeship at Villeneuve, the strange metamorphosis fantasy adventure novelneighboring country manor, which would allow him to follow in his late father’s footsteps. At the same time, he has won a scholarship at a renowned technical college in Paris, a move that would require him to face the unknown with no guarantee of success. His friend Julia, a city girl through and through, is encouraging him to take a chance and go to Paris. Unknown to Marcel, she has her own reasons to recommend this as well. As the machinations of Marcel’s world and that of Villeneuve unfold, Marcel finds help in the most unlikely source imaginable: an ancient oak tree.

Gradually turned into a bug, Marcel must now go on a quest across the meadow to feast on the royal jelly in order to return to his human form. Forced to carve his own path and follow his heart, he sets off and quickly finds himself teaming up with a wonderful group of insects, each of which has their own agenda. And with time running out and his existence in peril, Marcel must fight to the finish—or die a bug.

“A fantasy of astonishing depth and resonance, Monk’s tale of self-discovery and escape from family pressures is as entertaining as it is fulfilling. Inspired by his love for all things insect, his use of Marcel’s metamorphosis as metaphor exposes the weird and wonderful world that exists right under our feet. Sans wizards, witches, or dragons, Strange Metamorphosis instead features dragonflies, a legendary tree, and a gallfly in one of the most extraordinary adventures you will ever embark on.”

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