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short adventure story subterranean peril I am thrilled to announce the publication of my latest short adventure story.  Subterrainean Peril is based on the characters and storyworld of Strange Metamorphosis. You can purchase it for 99c/77p at Amazon

But the good news is, for a limited time only, you can DOWNLOAD IT FOR FREE if you are a Goodreads member. You can read it on your computer screen through the Goodreads reader or download it onto your ereader by clicking right here. Once you’ve logged in to Goodreads, simply look down to below the book info where it says “Get a copy”. Then click on the green “download ebook” button. If you’re downloading, the file will be in epub format. This means that if you’re reading it on a Kindle app or device you’ll have to convert it using software such as Calibre eBook Management. BTW, it’s a breeze to use!

Now, back to my short adventure story. Although this is a stand-alone story it will give you a feel of the storyworld of my fantasy adventure novel Strange Metamorphosis. If you’ve already read it then you might like to read Subterranean Peril to discover more extraordinary adventures of Marcel, Brim, Bea and Rhino.

Here’s the description:

When 14 year-old Marcel leads his crew out of a dark and disused snake tunnel in search of fresh air, little does he know he is entering the labyrinthic galleries of an ant nest.

With Brim (an inchworm), Bea (a honeybee) and Rhino (a beetle) at his side, he not only discovers the smell of danger but also the essence of friendship and the power of perfume.

Set in the storyworld of Strange Metamorphosis, this action-packed short adventure story offers a thrilling sneak preview of a boy’s fabulous and terrifying adventure of self-discovery.


Hope you enjoy reading it, please give it 5 stars in Goodreads and Amazon if you do and feel free to drop me a line in the comment space below :)

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