Insect Characters

A brimstone inchworm, he is aspirational, a romantic and an aesthete with a flaw in his language, which translates as a speech impediment. Counts every step he makes backwards as once he gets near zero it means his metamorphosis will shortly begin. His main concern is eating to stock up for the last period of his metamorphosis.

He is a bit of a jack the lad, quite swag, a smooth-talker who values appearances. Indeed, when he learns Marcel is looking for royal jelly he jumps at the idea of sharing some so that he might repair some of the mistakes Ma Nature had overlooked on creating his species, i.e. color. He is not at all content at the prospect of his drab apparel.

A precious pretty messenger sent from the tree. In fact she turns out to be Marcel’s fairy godmother in many ways. She is also conscientious and hard-working, accepting her duty in life.

Miss Bea
She is a haughty honeybee who is a little oversensitive and quite overweight. She is a rather fretful creature who puts herself and her kind above the other creatures. She is however prepared to compromise the safety of her own hive in exchange for information of the whereabouts of sunflowers to gain fame and favor back at the colony.

A griping rhinoceros beetle, he is an aging creature near the end of his term. His straightforward remarks put Bea in her place from time to time, he won’t stand any lardydar. He joins the search party in spite of himself at first. Then is seduced by the idea of prolonging his life thanks to the prospect of royal jelly.

Giant hornets
Giant hornets from Asia are on the prowl for the bees’ nest which they intend to plunder and decimate. Can Marcel work out a strategy to halt their inexorable killing spree?

He talks too much, eats too much and shows off too much. He really is too full of himself.

Le Camouf
A hover fly in wasp’s clothing. He is an imposture, a cheat, a wily liar who camouflages his true intentions.

The chief of the large green grasshoppers. Having learnt about Marcel’s existence, he is interested in finding out the secret of man’s long life and his inner clock. He wants to extract Marcel’s “thumper”.

The Tree
The great tree, which measures a staggering twelve meters in girth, is over a thousand years old, the earliest mention of its existence being recorded in the local cadaster of 1096 as the wise man’s oak past which the road runs to Jerusalem. The wise man in question was the just and revered Guy Darasus, an herbalist versed in the secrets of plants and a wise counselor by nature. According to legend, those brave enough to confront their conscience beneath the tree’s boughs may find guidance and peace within.

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