Hi and welcome to my blog about Strange Metamorphosis my fantasy novel set at the
Paul-CR-Monk-authorturn of the last century.

This blog will give extra information about the characters, themes and background of Strange Metamorphosis, although, don’t worry, I will be careful not to include any spoilers. But most of all, I hope it will incite you to read the book.

This is not my first venture into the genre having spent near 10 years crafting scripts and storyworlds for video games including three fantasy titles. A fabulous and beautiful heroic fantasy, a horror fantasy, and a stunning award winning science fantasy.

Influenced by the works of French naturalist Jean Henri Fabre, I have been an enthusiast of entomology for many years as well as a former resident of France and the house of Villeneuve, where the book is set. I now live with my pretty French wife and our three young sons in England.

My name is Paul, by the way, I use my initials to avoid confusion with all the other bipeds running round with the same first and last names. I’ve put up a bio page on my website at www.pcrmonk.com

Feel free to poke around the different sections to see what Strange Metamorphosis is all about.


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